This is Nancy, a very  pretty and loving and fun dog to own,  Nancy is 17 months old and once you gain her trust she follows you everywhere,  She loves to go for walks and sniff out any rabbits and birds to chase but comes when called.  Nancy likes to be groomed and cuddled, but is wary of strangers and  is  scared  of men  until she knows them. She is clean in the house and  does not destroy anything and only barks for a few minutes when someone comes to visit. Nancy likes all dogs but is more people orientated and is happy sleeping next to you, this smashing dog will love everyone to the moon and back if given a chance,

Nancy has been spayed, micro chipped and fully vaccinated

This gorgeous young dog is called Adina and is  another Romanian rescue just  8 months old and very playful and  active. She has been spayed, fully vaccinated and micro chipped and is currently in foster care with other dogs and gets on well with them all. Adina , we think , is part collie and  as you can see has long legs. She walks well on the lead and off it and is now house trained. She has never been destructive and has no separation issues. Adina will need a fully enclosed garden and someone who enjoys long walks. She has a pleasant nature and is now ready for a home of her own where she  could either be the only dog or could live with  strong , energetic male dog.

 Meet Bob,  this little lad is looking for a forever home with a patient owner who understands him and his needs. He will not be rehomed with  children or other animals as he likes all the attention. bobbit walks nicely on the lead, is house trained and non destructive but does not want to socialize with other dogs. He was returned to rescue because he has sleep aggression which means once he is asleep LEAVE HIM ALONE.  If he is disturbed whilst sleeping he will snap. Other than that he will make a wonderful  companion, he is loving and likes to be cuddled but on his terms and he does not like to be picked up. He is currently in foster care but would like a home of his own. 

Meet Jess, a gorgeous little Patterdale terrier cross. She is approx.  2-3yrs old and is currently in foster care receiving all the attention and love that she didn't get in the past. Jess needs to be spayed, vaccinated and micro chipped and this will all be done as soon as possible. She is good with children but not with other dogs which is typical of a lot of Patterdales. Jess is house trained  and non destructive and is a very loving little dog. She barks when people come to the house but stops once they are inside. Jess would make a delightful  companion for someone who has knowledge of the breed.


This lovely dog is Poppy, she is 9yrs old and has come to the UK from Romania where she had a very rough life.  Poppy is spayed, vaccinated and micro chipped and  ready for her forever home. She is currently in a foster home but as she is strong on the lead  and reactive to other dogs they are unable to adopt her. Poppy is part staffie and has the  sweet and loving nature of a staffie. She has lived in a home and is housetrained and non destructive.  She will have been mistreated for some time but is safe now and loved. It is testament to the true nature of a staffie that after all she has been through she still has the capacity to love.   All she wants from life is to be loved and safe from harm with someone who can deal with her pulling on the lead.  She will need to be the only dog in the home and will not be rehomed with cats or very young children.


Meet Maggie, a beautiful little Romanian cross breed   just 2yrs old. Maggie  is  a delightful  little soul,  spayed, micro chipped and fully vaccinated.  She  is in foster care with a lot of other dogs and  gets on fine with them.  As with most terrier breeds she is an excellent guard dog and will  bark at any visitors but soon  settles. Maggie is house trained and non destructive, walks nicely on the lead and LOVES to cuddle. She will climb up on your knee   for a cuddle and is an absolute joy.

As her fur is curly we think she may have suitable for anyone with allergies but she is a young dog and is very active and needs a home with someone who is able to  take  her for  some good walks.

                                             ON HOME TRIAL




This  handsome lad is called  Bobo and he is another Romanian rescue. He is approx. 1yr old and has been neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped. Bobo is a quiet boy but  gets on well with other dogs. He is in  kennels at the moment but will shortly be introduced to the house where his assessment will continue. He will also be introduced to walking on the lead. 

Bobo will need a patient owner  who will continue with his training and who will give him time to  fully settle and get used to his surroundings and his new home.  He has not been cat tested and has never been around children so would not be rehomed with either.