My name is Rocky and I was a stray from Spain found when I was about 6 months old, I have lived in a home for the past 6 years and am very clean in the house, I am a little shy of people but once I get to know you love to have affection and cuddles, I love children and playing with balls and would never bite anyone. I am happy in the house as long as I'm not shut in a room and will sleep on a chair happily. I live well with other dogs who are well behaved especially lady dogs and play well with them. When the doorbell rings I will bark and I can be a bit of a whinger when I'm going for a walk or greeting my humans when they return, but other than that I am quiet. I have only recently  been neutered and because of that I have had a reputation of being a bit aggressive towards other  male dogs who are entire.  Because of this my old owners used to walk me with a muzzle on, however I am a good boy with a halti on and given time and training, will be able to be trusted without one. I love my walks and running off lead, I have great recall as long as I'm not chasing any rabbits or squirrels, even then I come back when they've got away, you just might have to wait a while, I would like a family where I get lots of walks, preferably not in an area with lots of dogs and would love a nice dog to live with.  

                                                                                                                  ON HOME TRIAL

This is Lucky, he is a Romanian rescue and  was found by a railway line and lost a leg. Lucky is 4 yrs old and is micro chipped, fully vaccinated and neutered. He was in a lovely foster home and became very playful and loving but had to be moved due to a visiting toddler. He is now in another foster  with a big  dog and they play together well.  He is a chunky boy and gets around well on 3 legs,  he is house trained and non destructive and enjoys a walk and walks well on the lead.

Lucky will need a fully enclosed garden and would prefer a lady owner please or a couple. He will not be  rehomed with children or cats.

I am looking for a home with another dog for Lucky, a dog who is  playful but not a puppy and who can help him settle into his new home.   

                                              ON HOME TRIAL                                    

Meet Bruno, another handsome boy from Romania. Bruno is 5yrs old and  is micro chipped, fully vaccinated and is neutered. He was found on the streets of Romania where the children were feeding him...Bruno LOVES children. He has lived in a home and is a very people friendly dog BUT he does not like other dogs and will need a dog savvy owner who will not takes risks with him and will not let him near other dogs when out walking. Bruno has probably had to fight for food on the streets which is maybe why he does not like other dogs. He will need a fully enclosed garden with 6ft fences . Lots of long walks for this lovely dog and a family who will  be sensible with him all he wants is to be loved and he will love you back.


This handsome lad is called Bobo, he is 2yrs old and is another waif from Romania. He was adopted some months ago but now needs a new home. Bobo is neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped and is currently living with 2 cats. Bobo needs lots of exercise and a secure garden. He would be better in a home without any other animals and an owner who can teach him manners. He is an affectionate dog but now no longer takes any notice of him female owner and daughter and will therefore be better in a home with a male or a dominant female.  He is house trained and non destructive

Bobo is not a good traveller and gets very car sick but his owner has some meds that work very well for him. He is intelligent and  learns quickly and is fine when out on a walk with the teenage son but with the females he is reactive towards other dogs. Bobo was fine with all other dogs when he first arrived as a youngster and  has a protective nature. He is a lovely dog and with a firm owner he will settle down.