This  old timer is looking for a new home to retire to.

Kujo is nearly 11yrs old and is neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated.  He is a German Shepherd  X  Springer spaniel and  he  likes dogs, cats and children of all ages.  Kujo prefers short walks but can be strong on the lead. This  lovely old chap neeeds a home with someone who understands German Shepherds and can deal with a dominant dog.

Kujo is good with cats/ dogs and  children aged 10yrs upwards..

As always a fully enclosed garden is necessary.

Please consider giving this old boy a warm comfy home, he can be a bit barky but he is missing the comforts of his home.


This little chap is called Marley and he is 5yrs old. Marley is in rescue because his mum died. He is neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped. He is currently in foster care with a number of dogs and he gets on well with them all.

Marley needs a patient lady owner  or a couplewho will give him time to settle into a new home and   he likes the company of other dogs. He can bark at strangers but this is due to fear and the more socializing he gets the more he settles down. Marley will not be rehomed with  young children but  teenagers would be fine with him and he will not be rehomed with  cats or small furries.

He is clean in the house and non destructive and he has no separation issues. He will need a fully enclosed garden.  Marley has good recall once he knows is used to his new owner and new home and runs happily off lead with the other dogs.


This  handsome boy is called Magic, He is a rescue dog from Romania and is coming up to 4yrs old. Magic is in foster care and is a very pleasant dog. He has been neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped.

This is what his fosterer says about him..

MAGIC- is a very friendly dog with Humans, and likes being made a fuss of. He is very good on Lead and never pulls. He eats  well and is clean  in his kennel. He has never chewed his bedding.  As he walks past other kennels, he never reacts to another dog who is barking and being aggressive to him. As I walk him up the kennels off -lead he gently nibbles my fingers as we walk.

Magic can jump fences and will need  5-6ft fencing and a totally secure garden. He has some separation issues and wants to be around his human all the time. He will need time to settle and to adjust to being in a home and not a kennel environment. He is very gentle with children aged 6yrs and above.

                                      ON HOME TRIAL


This is Flora, she is approx  2 years old and is another Romanian rescue. She has been spayed, fully vaccinated and micro chipped and is currently in foster care with a number of other dogs, large and small and she gets on well with them all.

Flora was very timid and scared on arrival but  with time and patience she has come out of her shell. She walks nicely on the lead and has excellent recall but of course when she is adopted her new owners will have to keep her on the lead until she used to them.

Flora needs to live with another dog medium to large who she can look to for guidance and  who she can run and play with. She is house trained and non destructive and has no separation issues.

She is a stunning looking dog and well worth meeting.

This is what her foster mum says about her.

Flora is a wonderful dog that has taken a while to accept people, she is a very happy dog but can still be effected by changes to her routine and environment, she can show affection but only once you’ve gained her trust, her answer to stress is to run away and has never bitten although she has growled to show she didn’t want something to happen, mainly when hosing off after getting dirty. Flora relies on steady dogs in the household for confidence in stressful situations and so MUST be adopted by  a family with another playful but confident dog that she can take a lead from. She is very playful and loves to run off lead, but is also very good in the house and settles and is very clean, she would like a home where she can have long walks and meet other dogs and play, she is looking for a family who are patient and will understand her quirky nature, and due to her flighty behaviour children who are over 10’ish.

Meet Bruno, another handsome boy from Romania. Bruno is 5yrs old and  is micro chipped, fully vaccinated and is neutered. He was found on the streets of Romania where the children were feeding him...Bruno LOVES children. He has lived in a home and is a very people friendly dog BUT he does not like other dogs and will need  to be walked with a muzzle,  He needsa dog savvy owner who will not takes risks with him and will not let him near other dogs when out walking. Bruno has probably had to fight for food on the streets which is maybe why he does not like other dogs. He will need a fully enclosed garden with 6ft fences . Lots of long walks for this lovely dog and a family who will  be sensible with him all he wants is to be loved and he will love you back.

Meet Loki, another handsome boy from Romania. Loki is  nearly 1yr old and is medium size.  He has been neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped and is currently in foster care with another dog. Loki is loves to run and play with other dogs and has settled well into living in a home. He is wary of men but is meeting all of lifes challenges very well and is a loving little chap. He walks nicely on the lead and likes nearly all the dogs he meets. He is clean in the house and has no separation or aggression issues, he has also met children and was fine with them. He will NOT be rehomed with cats or small furries.

Loki needs a female only home with a fully enclosed garden and he would like to live with another dog but this is not essential.

                                                                                            ON HOME TRIAL