Meet Cooper,   2 years old and about the size of a labrador. Cooper has been neutered, micro chipped and is fully vaccinated.  This lovely dog came over from Romania  as a pup but was passed around and received no training. He is now in foster care and gets on well with other dogs . He walks nicely on the lead, is house trained and non destructive and is a friendly , bouncy dog. He will need lots of exercise  but his training should continue. He will need a fully enclosed garden and someone who has the time and patience to  teach him boundaries. Cooper is young and shows a lot of promise. He will not be rehomed with children of any age he has become a very friendly and loving dog. This lovely dog has waited a long time for his forever home  and will make someone a faithful companion.


This little  chap is called  Paddy and he is just  1  year   old. Paddy is a staffie X Jack Russell  and was removed from a home where he was not being cared for properly and he was taken in and kept safe .   He has  been neutered , micro chipped and  vaccinated. Paddy is a gorgeous pup, full of fun and playfulness.  He walks nicely on the lead and is fine  in the house but is reactive to  some other dogs when out on a walk.  He will not be rehomed with cats or other small furries. Paddy will need lots of exercise and some training in manners, he is boisterous and playful  but will need more socializing with other dogs slowly and in a controlled environment. Until Paddy has been taught some boundaries and rules he will not be rehomed with children.



This handsome Labrador is called Sam. Sam is 7 years old, recently castrated, chipped and fully vaccinated and through no fault of his own, found himself in doggy foster care.
Sam is a typical Labrador, loyal and cuddly at home but loves being outdoors running and playing. He is very responsive to training and understands his name, basic commands such as sit and stay and is beginning to understand more complex commands to help with his giddiness when outdoors. He is non-destructive and fully house trained, he loves to play with a ball and will fetch on command. Sam loves to be next to his fosterer but is also happy to be left home alone for short periods.
Due to his size Sam will only be rehomed with children over 12. He is friendly and welcoming of other dogs but hasn’t been cat tested. Sam is lively when out walking. He loves water and often barks at people and other dogs but he is not at all aggressive andis responding well to training and using a halti collar. This training will need to be continued. Sam will need a family that has someone around most of the time and who likes long walks where he can be off lead and running. 

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Meet Pippin a gorgeous little Jack Russell  8yrs old. Pippin has been spayed, is fully vaccinated and  is micro chipped. She is reluctantly being rehomed due to her being jealous of the  grand child. Pippin loves to sit on her dad's knee and is jealous when the child wants his attention. This delightful little dog would make an excellent companion, she is house trained, non destructive and has no separation issues.  Due to her owners poor health  Pippin has not been walked  or socialized with other dogs for some time but showed no aggression when she met my dog.

 Meet Bobbit,  this little lad is looking for a forever home with a patient owner who understands him and his needs. He will not be rehomed with  children or other animals as he likes all the attention. bobbit walks nicely on the lead, is house trained and non destructive but does not want to socialize with other dogs. He was returned to rescue because he has sleep aggression which means once he is asleep LEAVE HIM ALONE.  If he is disturbed whilst sleeping he will snap. Other than that he will make a wonderful  companion, he is loving and likes to be cuddled but on his terms and he does not like to be picked up. He is currently in foster care but would like a home of his own. 

Meet Lola. This tiny  Jack Russell is a real pocket rocket. She is lovely with other dogs and very affectionate with people. She  is about 1yr old and has yet to be spayed but this will be done in the next few weeks. Lola was in danger of being thrown out on the streets before she came into rescue.  She is very active and loves to chase a ball and is is looking for a forever home. She has been vaccinated  and will be micro chipped when she is spayed. She will need  a FULLY enclosed garden as  she is so small but she will make some one a lovely companion.