This  handsome boy is called Magic, He is a rescue dog from Romania and is coming up to 4yrs old. Magic is in foster care and is a very pleasant dog. He has been neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped.

This is what his fosterer says about him..

MAGIC- is a very friendly dog with Humans, and likes being made a fuss of. He is very good on Lead and never pulls. He eats  well and is clean  his kennel. He has never chewed his bedding. He is aware of the fast flying Swifts / Swallows and barks at them a bit, but can be discouraged easily from it. As he walks past other kennels, he never reacts to another dog who is barking and being aggressive to him. As I walk him up the kennels off -lead he gently nibbles my fingers as we walk.

This is Flora, she is approx  2 years old and is another Romanian rescue. She has been spayed, fully vaccinated and micro chipped and is currently in foster care with a number of other dogs, large and small and she gets on well with them all.

Flora was very timid and scared on arrival but  with time and patience she has come out of her shell. She walks nicely on the lead and has excellent recall but of course when she is adopted her new owners will have to keep her on the lead until she used to them.

Flora needs to live with another dog medium to large who she can look to for guidance and  who she can run and play with. She is house trained and non destructive and has no separation issues.

She is a stunning looking dog and well worth meeting.

This is what her foster mum says about her.

Flora is a wonderful dog that has taken a while to accept people, she is a very happy dog but can still be effected by changes to her routine and environment, she can show affection but only once you’ve gained her trust, her answer to stress is to run away and has never bitten although she has growled to show she didn’t want something to happen, mainly when hosing off after getting dirty. Flora relies on steady dogs in the household for confidence in stressful situations and so MUST be adopted by  a family with another playful but confident dog that she can take a lead from. She is very playful and loves to run off lead, but is also very good in the house and settles and is very clean, she would like a home where she can have long walks and meet other dogs and play, she is looking for a family who are patient and will understand her quirky nature, and due to her flighty behaviour children who are over 10’ish.

Meet Bruno, another handsome boy from Romania. Bruno is 5yrs old and  is micro chipped, fully vaccinated and is neutered. He was found on the streets of Romania where the children were feeding him...Bruno LOVES children. He has lived in a home and is a very people friendly dog BUT he does not like other dogs and will need a dog savvy owner who will not takes risks with him and will not let him near other dogs when out walking. Bruno has probably had to fight for food on the streets which is maybe why he does not like other dogs. He will need a fully enclosed garden with 6ft fences . Lots of long walks for this lovely dog and a family who will  be sensible with him all he wants is to be loved and he will love you back.

This handsome lad is called Bobbo, he is 2yrs old and is another waif from Romania. He was adopted some months ago but now needs a new home. Bobo is neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped and is currently living with 2 cats. Bobo needs lots of exercise and a secure garden. He would be better in a home without any other animals and an owner who can teach him manners. He is an affectionate dog but now no longer takes any notice of him female owner and daughter and will therefore be better in a home with a male or a dominant female.  He is house trained and non destructive

Bobo is not a good traveller and gets very car sick but his owner has some meds that work very well for him. He is intelligent and  learns quickly and is fine when out on a walk with the teenage son but with the females he is reactive towards other dogs. Bobo was fine with all other dogs when he first arrived as a youngster and  has a protective nature. He is a lovely dog and with a firm owner he will settle down.

Meet Burt, a gorgeous medium size boy from Romania. He is a very laid back, gentle dog. Chipped,  fully vaccinated and micro chipped. Burt is lovely with people and is clean in the house. He has no separation anxiety and walks nicely on the lead. 

Burt  will not share his home with another dog and therefore needs to be the only dog in the home. Outside on a walk he is fine with dogs he meets.

Burt is 7yrs old and is a very placid and affectionate dog. He has learnt a lot since his arrival and even plays a little bit. He will need a fully secure garden and someone who has time to walk him and help him settle again once he leaves his foster home. He wants all the attention in the home therefore he will not be rehomed with small children or cats.

                                      ON HOME TRIAL

This very handsome lad is called Ronnie and he is 2 .5 years old. Ronnie has not had a good start in life but is now being cared for by lovely people who have settled him down and reassured him that the world is not a bad place. He is currently living with a small staffie bitch and they get along fine. He is quite a nervous dog and he has lately been introduced to agility which he loves. Ronnie has been chipped, fully vaccinated and  has been neutered.

Whilst in his first home Ronnie was not socialized at all but now he is being slowly introduced to other dogs and it is going well.  He has learnt to play with toys and loves to chase a ball.


Ronnie loves his cuddles, but he’s very polite and will always ask for permission to join you on the sofa or the bed. Although if you do have an unclaimed seat he might just keep it warm for you! He does however suffer from separation anxiety. This is something we’ve worked a lot on, and we’ve gone from not being able to be away from him at all to being able to leave him in the house for a bit while we potter around in the garden – a massive improvement from day one. Unfortunately this is one of the main reasons we’ve had to come to the heart breaking decision to find a better home for him – previously we’ve been having to take him to work with us and leave him in the car as he seems really settled there. We think this might be because the first time he’d been in a car was with us, and so he’d not had any negative experiences with it. The days are getting warmer now so clearly this isn’t an option anymore – he just needs more time with his separation training.

That leads us on to his training – and by gosh this dog is incredibly intelligent! With the right person to train a dog like him, they have a dog of pure gold who thrives on one to one training.

Ronnie needs a big garden with plenty of bushes to hide in to pee or poop - again one thing he learnt from his previous owners is that toileting in some areas was bad and as a result tends to be nervous at toileting and still occasionally flinches to this day when he thinks he’s had an accident in the wrong place. Our garden doesn’t give him what he needs so we have to take him on a walk in order for him to feel comfortable. However in a big garden with hidey places he will go to the toilet comfortably. He does also need high fencing due to his love of agility - small gates and fencing are only an easy obstacle for him to jump over.

We’re really proud of the progress he’s made with us but he does need a lot more work to bring him to that next level and fulfill  his potential. We asked Pip and Canine allsorts to help us find his perfect home, as we really wouldn’t know where to start and want to make sure he’s looked after properly and give him everything he needs. We have truly been blessed to have him in our lives for the part 7 months but with a heavy heart we have made the decision that for his best interests he needs to find his forever home.

                                                                                           ON HOME TRIAL