Dudley and Ellie are border terriers both 11yrs old.  They have always been together from being puppies and will need to be rehomed together, they will not be separated. Dudley  at the back has been neutered,  Ellie has not been spayed. These dogs love children but hate cats and do not like other dogs.  Dudley loves to be cuddled and Ellie is more boisterous. They are delightful dogs and  are being rehomed due to the owners change of circumstances and through no fault of their own.  They are currently in the care of their owner but are being rehomed through the rescue and homechecks and  adoption fee apply.


This little treasure is called Puck, also a Romanian rescue and his passport states that he is nearly 6yrs old ! Puck is in a foster home with another dog and  behaves like a pup. He is very loving and  active , non destructive and house trained.  This lovely dog has been fully vaccinated, chipped and neutered and is now ready for his forever home. He would suit an active family  as he likes children, he has not been cat tested and will not be rehomed with cats. He  is fine on the lead and is good in the company of other dogs. There is terrier in him and is shows in his character.

Meet Cooper,   1 year  and 9 months old and about the size of a labrador. Cooper has been neutered, micro chipped and is fully vaccinated.  This lovely dog came over from Romania  as a pup but was passed around and received no training. He is now in foster care and gets on well with other dogs particularly small ones. He walks nicely on the lead, is house trained and non destructive and is a friendly , bouncy dog. He will need lots of exercise  but his training should continue. He will need a fully enclosed garden and someone who has the time and patience to  teach him boundaries. Cooper is young and shows a lot of promise. He will not be rehomed with children of any age and will need an owner who is prepared to work with him and give him time to settle into home life  and to learn the rules. 

This little beauty is called Nina and she is nearly  3 years old  and is also  from Romania and has her own passport. She has been spayed, fully vaccinated and micro chipped and is currently in foster care with another dog.  Nina has a very sweet and gentle nature  but would have to be the only dog in the home as she grumbles at other dogs and wants all the attention.  She walks nicely on the lead, travels well and is housetrained and non destructive. Nina loves people and children and enjoys company and affection. She  would make a perfect family dog or for a retired couple who like walking.





 Jake is a fantastic dog! He is  a little over 1yr old, neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped, alsohouse trained, non destructive and can be left for reasonable periods of time. He walks well on a lead and can sit, wait and lie down with a treat.  He loves human company and is very cuddly,  though can be wary of men when he first meets them. He gets on well with other dogs as long as the other dog is well socialised and understands his body language as he likes to be top dog!  Because of this, Jake needs a strong owner who will be a definite pack leader and continue his training with lots of positive reinforcement.  Jake can sometimes be defensive of treats, toys and space but if he has been well exercised and had a lot of attention he is happy to share. Jake is very vocal in the house and has taken on the role of guard dog, but we are working on this and he never barks on walks. He approaches other dogs with excitement but has never been aggressive so we are working on approaching other dogs calmly. He has only seen cats on walks and was very excited, but once I stopped walking he just sat and watched the cat.  Jake enjoys tug of war and fetch, and because of his breed needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation,  he would probably enjoy agility or fly ball but is also happy running with me around the park on his training lead.



This little  chap is called  Paddy and he is just 8 months old. Paddy is a staffie X Jack Russell  and was removed from a home where he was not being cared for properly. He is now safe but needs a new home as the resident dog resents him.  He has had nothing done but is being neutered shortly and will be micro chipped at the same time. Then he will be vaccinated. Paddy is a gorgeous pup, full of fun and playfulness and he likes children. He walks nicely on the lead and is fine round other dogs. He will not be rehomed with cats or other small furries.