This stunning dog is called Heidi and she is nearly 2 years old. Heidi has recently  finished her  season and so cannot be spayed until August.  She has lived with a small child and  they were pals but owners circumstances changed and now Heidi is in a foster home and is part of a pack of dogs both large and small. Heidi is very energetic but is also obedient and ready to learn,  She is a bit strong on the lead but stops pulling when told.  Heidi has a little separation anxiety and can open doors. She loves human company and would be great in a family with someone working from home. 

Heidi will of course need a fully enclosed garden and lots of  good walks.

Ellie is another little Romanian rescue and  is nearly 1 year old. She is spayed, fully vaccinated and micro chipped and  being a young dog she  is full of beans. Ellie is  a small dog and very playful and would benefit from either living with another young dog or by meeting lots of other dogs. She has a lot to learn and  needs a patient owner who will give her some basic training. Ellie is in foster care with other dogs and cats and gets on well with everyone.

Ellie would be really good at agility, she can jump and she has the energy. She already has good recall with me but will need  a fully enclosed garden with 5ft fences. She plays nicely with other dogs and has no food aggression. 

Ellie will not be rehomed with small children as she is so boisterous but could live with children aged  8yrs  years upwards.

                                                                                                     ON HOME TRIAL


These 2 little beauties are Tiger and Lily. They are Jack Russell sisters aged 12yrs and  although they have always lived together they are now starting to scrap with each other so for their sakes I am going to rehome them separately. When they first came into rescue they were not very active and Tiger was overweight but they went onto a good  diet and are now going for walks and running about off lead when in an enclosed area.  They are both spayed and micro chipped and fully vaccinated and they have both had a dental. Tiger has a cough and has seen the vet but as it is not preventing her having a happy life no treatment is necessary. They are both loving and affectionate, good with the visiting grandchildren but do not like cats or other dogs and  bark at dogs they meet when out on a walk. They would make lovely companions and do not need long walks as long as they have a fully enclosed garden.


This little beauty is called Tilly and she is a whippet X Bedlington terrier. Tilly is nearly 1 year old and has been trained well, she is chipped and  fully vaccinated  and has been recently spayed. She is a young dog and is very boisterous, she will need lots of long walks and exercise but she gets on well with other dogs and is a very friendly dog. Her training will need to continue but she is very receptive.  She will not be rehomed with cats or children under the age of 10 years just because she is so active. A fully enclosed garden is essential and a home where someone is committed to giving her the exercise she needs.  

                                                                                                                      ON HOME TRIAL