This is Marley, he is a Labrador cross,  4 yrs old.  Marley has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped. He  has been in foster care for a long time and would love a home of his own. He is very protective of his family and has lived with a child and he is lovely with other dogs as long as they do not challenge him. He now walks nicely on the lead and  is learning recall. Marley is housetrained and non destructive and is a quiet, gentle dog in the house. He will not be rehomed with cats. Marley is walked with other dogs and they get along fine but would prefer to be the only dog in the house.



This  beauty is called Layla, she is medium sized and approx.  11 months old. Layla loves children, dogs and cats but  is   wary of men.  She is in foster care  and has made a lot of progress, she now walks nicely on the lead and has  excellent recall. Layla needs someone with the time and patience to let her settle down and feel comfortable in her surroundings.  She loves the company of other dogs,  is intelligentand alert and  will need a fully enclosed garden as she can jump !   Layla  has been in rescue for around 3 months and arrived as a frightened little girl.  She has a lot of potential but her new owners will need  to be patient with her for her to  gain her confidence and develop. As you can see by her legs she has some lurcher in her, she is like a giddy teenager, very loving but she is still getting used to her long legs and has recently discovered a love for water. She has always enjoyed a bath but now will swim and splash around in any water with the other dogs. Now that she is a little older Layla is less wary of men as long as they give her time to come to them. She is bright and intelligent and very loving once she has bonded with you.




This little chap is  Riki,   He is also from Romania and is approx. 2 and a half years old. He is micro chipped, fully vaccinated and has been neutered.  Riki  is a  small  dog and is very loving and affectionate. He walks nicely on the lead and is getting a lot better when walking near traffic.   In the home he is totally clean and non destructive, he likes to play ball but not for long and he isn't keen on television and will take himself off to bed.  Ricky  is fine with most  dogs he meets even on the lead but he has no recall yet.  and  is a  cat  chaser  and therefore  he will not be rehomed with cats.  He  is a delightful dog, and will welcome you with a waggy tail and a lick but he will neet time to settle in and get used to you.




This little girl is called Lottie and she is a gorgeous Jack Russell 3yrs old. Lottie is micro chipped and vaccinated but has yet to be spayed and this will be done asap.  She would like to be the only dog in the house and being a terrier would not live with cats. Lottie would be fine with older children but not toddlers as she has never lived with children. She is very loving, clean in the house and non destructive and walks nicely on the lead. Lottie would be a wonderful companion for someone.


Meet Sherrie, she is from Romania and is approx. 5yrs old, she is fully vaccinated, micro chipped and spayed. Sherrie has been in foster care for some months now and would really love to have a home of her own. She is a quiet and placid dog, totally house trained and non destructive. Sherrie loves travelling in the car, walks nicely on the lead and does not jump up on the furniture. Being from Romania she is wary of men when she first meets them but if they ignore her and let her approach them she soon settles down. Sherrie has never been around children or cats and would not be rehomed with either. Her recall is coming along well and she is fine with other dogs when out on the lead, however, she will have to be the only dog in the house. Sherrie is very protective and when strangers come she needs time to get used to them.

This little chap is called Little Marley and he is a smashing little hairy terrier. Sadly his owner died and he became an orphan but is now in foster care and has been micro chipped, neutered and vaccinated.  We are told he is elderly although his behaviour is that of a young dog. He is very loving and affectionate and is in foster care with a group of dogs of all sizes and he loves them all. Being a terrier he will not be rehomed with cats or small furries but he could live with children over the age of 7yrs.  Little Marley would be a wonderful companion for an active older person or couple.